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Social work

Awareness and animal welfare

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At our agency, we are committed to animal welfare and the community in which we operate. We firmly believe in the importance of contributing positively to our environment, and one of our most notable initiatives is our program to help homeless cats.

Through some of our services, we offer our clients preferential prices, and part of the income generated goes to sterilizing and feeding these cats.

This community work not only allows us to make a tangible difference in the lives of these animals in need, but also reflects our values as a company that cares about the social and environmental impact of our activities.


We are committed to doing our part to create a better world for everyone, both humans and animals!

Services with which you contribute to this cause.


Business cards

For each personal card you design, for printing or digital with us, you will receive a special price, with which you contribute to this cause.


Profile picture

Throughout 2024, profile photography sessions will have a special discount and the amount of these services will also make a contribution to this important cause.


Landing page

All 2024, we have a special price for the design oflanding page and micro site, with which we can contribute more to this cause.

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