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Chuzel OT 

Founder and Creative Director

Estudio de diseño y marketing digital

In Playa del Carmen, a place where vibrant energy and natural beauty merge perfectly. It was here, in this paradisiacal corner, where OT Marketing & Branding Studio 12 years ago,  as a personal initiative of Chuzel Ot.

At OT Marketing & Branding Studio, we are not only dedicated to offering design and digital marketing services, but we are also deeply committed to the success and fulfillment of each of our clients. We believe in the power of ideas, talents and projects, and we are here to help make them come true. Our goal is to inspire and empower others to live their passions and achieve their most audacious goals.Together, we can build a bright future full of possibilities!


Agencia de diseño en playa del carmen


At our studio, we offer branding services that focus on practicality, efficiency, minimalism and elegance to express the best qualities of each brand. Our approach is based on thoroughly understanding the essence of each client and translating it into a coherent and attractive visual identity. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for timeless design.


At our studio, we offer digital marketing services that are distinguished by their focus on efficiency, creativity and strategy. We are dedicated to propelling brands beyond the digital world, leveraging the latest trends and tools to ensure tangible results. From strategic planning to creative execution, we work closely with our clients to take their brands to the next level in the digital world.

Agencia de diseño en playa del carmen
Agencia de diseño en playa del carmen


We offer web design services that go beyond creating simple static sites. We focus on ease of navigation, consistency with brand branding, and connectivity with other platforms to create an interactive and immersive experience for users. Our goal is to create a connecting tool that not only displays brand information but also engages visitors. 

We offer marketing consulting services for companies that want to develop effective strategies with their internal teams. We focus on working closely with companies to develop customized work plans and content that align with their business objectives. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training for your internal teams on successful strategy implementation. Our goal is to return the company's internal team capable of carrying out the marketing strategy efficiently and effectively, allowing sustainable and continuous growth.


Agencia de diseño en playa del carmen


We offer photography and video services to complement digital marketing strategies or create content for various platforms. We work in a wide range of areas, including professional profile photography, gastronomy, products and corporate events. Whether you need engaging images for your social media, professional photography for your team or products, or coverage of corporate events, our team is prepared to capture the essence of your brand and create visual content that connects with your audience effectively.

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Our content writing and copyediting service ensures that your message is communicated clearly, coherently and effectively both online and in print.

Our professional writing team will edit your original content and adapt it so that it captures the essence of your brand and resonates with your audience.

Additionally, we'll ensure that every piece of content is free of grammatical, spelling and stylistic errors, so your brand is presented professionally and reliably at all times.

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